Automated Counting & Packing Solution for Disposal Cups



In paper cup manufacturing industry cups counting and packaging manually consumes a lot of time and requires a huge Man-power. Here we have provided a automation solution for the counting of the cups & packaging simultaneously to make the operation faster and accurately. Thus, an Automatic cup counting machine is used.


Automatic Cup Counting Machine is used to count the number of cups which be packed. In this machine to count the cups automatically we used the PLC based Automated logic, Sensors and Servo motors.

The proximity Sensors are used in conveyor belt of the machine to sense the no. of cups which are passing through and to know the count value. Servo motor is used to run the packaging conveyor belt of the machine in order to push the cups forward to the packing section. HMI is used to give the user-friendly interface to the operator and to show the Counting and per day production as well. And in the HMI, we can set the limits of the cups to be packed. With this process we have increased the productivity, decreased the manual labour and maintain the accuracy of the counting.

Automated Counting & Packing Solution for Disposal Cups
Automated Counting & Packing Solution for Disposal Cups

Customer Benefits:

  • Fast counting
  • Time Saving
  • High efficiency and low-cost maintenance
  • Easy to Operate


  • Sensors
  • FX 3U
  • HMI
  • Servo

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