Surface Inspection

Surface inspection provides an automated approach to inspection for inclusions, foreign bodies, surface defects, cracks, dents and missing materials across all industries.

Increase your surface quality, improve visual appearance and optimise your production. Take your surface inspection to the next level, with automated artificial intelligence (AI) inspection. Checks surfaces, products, and components at speed with the knowledge that the more we see, the better we get

Gauging and Measuring

Non-contact measuring systems have a track record of delivering precision and accuracy. Increase your product quality and optimise your production. Measuring distances, areas, co-ordinates and critical dimensions to assess conformance to specification and tolerance

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the identification of scribed, stamped, printed or pre-printed text. This can be carried out in all languages, fonts, sizes and styles. Optical Character Verification (OCV) is the authentication that an identified character string matches expected values stored in your PLC or database. It will deliver accurate results in some of the toughest and most demanding manufacturing environments.

Pattern Recognition

Systems can recognise arbitrary patterns, shapes, features and logos, and enable the comparison of trained features and patterns within fractions of a second. Our pattern recognition systems offer precise high-speed detection guaranteeing that your output is always at its optimum.

Color Matching

Colour matching is the identification of features, products and packaging by their colour. Precision colour analysis checks can be used to confirm parts meet strict colour band tolerances and to check labels, foreign objects, features, conformal coats, beads, and glue. vision systems provide colour processing to offer enhanced image processing and precision for quality control applications – everything from inspecting pills, to blister packs or verifying foodstuffs.