The new industrial revolution is changing how manufacturers operate today and plan for the future, influencing a significant transformation in manufacturing, engineering and factory-floor industries. Adding to this, manufacturers are under pressure to meet the demand for faster delivery of new products, coupled with shorter production lifecycles. Organizations are adopting agile, flexible production plant systems and processes to adapt and evolve, so as to remain competitive and profitable. Customers are looking for plants and machines will have to be smarter, better connected, more efficient, flexible, and safe.

The IIoT vision of the world is one where smart connected assets (the things) with varying levels of intelligent functionality, ranging from simple sensing and actuating, to control, optimization and full autonomous operation, operate as part of a larger system. These systems are based on open and standard Internet and cloud technologies that enable secure access to devices and information in order to leverage big data and analytics and mobility technologies to drive greater business value.

smart machine

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users are leveraging IIoT for better monitor and control machinery. Within industrial environments, some devices today are connected, but many are not. IIoT applications will include not only machine-to -machine (M2M) communication but also machine-to -people, people-to -machine, machine-to -objects, and people-to -objects communication. These connections enable the ability to collect data from a broad range of devices and applications.

smart machine

We Offer wide range of Smart Machine Solutions to Our customers

  •  IoT Enabled Condition Monitoring Solution
  •  Geographic Machines (M2M) Talking Solution
  •  Machinery Predictive Maintenance Solution
  •  Real Time Machine Performance Monitoring
  •  Next Generation PLC Solution with any Language Programming
  •  OEM Spares and Inventory Management based on Machine Real Time Performance data
  •  IIoT Gateway Solutions to Enable Smart
  •  Edge based Intelligence Devices
  •  Smart Motor Toolkit