building automation

Our building automation systems are based on open communication standards and fulfill highest standards in energy efficiency. The systems are optimally matched to profit not only from minimized installation and operating costs as well with high level of security standards.

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STABILITY provides the entire range of Integrated Building Management System for all types of buildings, from hospitals to shopping malls, IT and industrial establishments, corporate buildings, and power stations. Our solutions optimize energy efficiency and comfort in buildings, all the while reducing operating costs. We deliver innovative solutions for greener buildings through our passion for innovation, quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainability.

IBMS ( Integrated Building Management System)

We deliver the new standard in Building Management solutions, designed to meet the highest norms of green building standards, scalability and durable performance. Our IOT-enabled BMS solution provides control and supervision of HVAC, Security, CCTV, Intrusion Alarm and Fire systems, including Diesel Genset, water pumping systems, and other third-party systems, which are now mandatory in all modern buildings. Open communication protocols enable easy integration with third party systems.

State-of-the-art Internet-based graphic display solutions on mobile, tablets and computers, empower building and facility management personnel with intelligent tools for remote monitoring and control of the complete infrastructure.

Our open solutions provide a sustainable foundation that supports and evolves with your building system’s lifecycle, helping customer to achieve maximum savings in energy and operational costs while maximizing occupant comfort and productivity.

Building Automation

EMS (Energy Management System)

An energy management system (EMS) is an integrated software system designed to store energy parameters, analyze consumptions, identify areas of wastage, reduce energy consumption, predict electrical system performance and optimize energy usage to reduce cost for electrical loads in a premise. EMS can be used to centrally monitor devices like HVAC units and lighting systems across multiple locations, multiple sites either using central/remote server or over cloud IoT.

building automation