When it comes to creating a digital enterprise and connecting your business to various cloud-based applications, it’s important to understand the various platforms that make it all happen. For the Internet of Things (IoT), the ARC Advisory Group recently identified [...]
The Connected Enterprise is now a reality. The Internet of Things has brought the industry at a tipping point for its technological adoption. According to Gartner, around 43% of enterprises were either already using or have planned to implement IoT [...]
In layman terms, the Internet of Things abbreviated as IoT is a network of interconnected devices which can be accessed at any time with the help of an internet connection. There are ranges of devices in today’s modern world that [...]
Overview Responsible minds are accelerating to find the right option that can benefit their companies in producing high-quality products at reduced prices, that too in a consistent manner. They are making ways to adapt to new machinery designs and unified [...]
Doing SCADA “right” usually involves understanding the underlying physical process that is monitored and controlled by the system and adapting the SCADA system to suit the needs of that process. This can include process safety, integrity and security, modes of [...]