Honey is an IoT Hardware platform used for the development of “things” in the Internet of Things. It could refer to communication modules, devices, gateways, sensors and SoC modules with features that make them desirable for use in the development of IoT devices. We are developing custom IoT products based on market and customer needs.

We would like to enable people and businesses to connect their devices to the internet efficiently and off-grid. We help you to stay ahead of the curve by getting the data you need, at just the right time.

STABILITY team works with sensor, open IoT hardware suppliers and gateway manufactures to provide quality hardware for your IoT solution. Our hardware team works hard to find sensors, hardware, communication nodes, and network partners to allow you to focus on your business needs.

We can provide ready-to-go solutions for energy and utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, public sector and transportation.



Right IoT Solution for Customer Need

Our team works with sensor, IoT hardware, communication partners to provide best suitable solution for Customers.


Pre-Bundled Industry Solution

Pre-Bundled Solutions developed by our expert’s team work seamlessly together with our IoT Software Platform to solve specific industry challenges, in this line we developed.


Adaptable and Configurable

Our hardware solutions are customization and can integrate with existing networks or environments.

Solutions we offered to Customers

i meter honey


An integrated IoT hardware platform for monitoring of solar plant energy generation and this hardware collects data from Solar generation units and sends data To Switch is a blockchain-based platform that tracks and verifies the impact of sustainability efforts and actions on the worldwide level of C02 emissions.

transmo honey


An IoT based real time transformer Monitoring Solution, This device collects real time data of Transformer health like Oil Level, Temperature, Output Load Parameters like Voltage, Current, Power factor and etc….by using this data our software platform Generate Alerts for Maintenance, Monitor Transformer Health, predict Transformer failure and Forecast Area of Electricity Consumption.

connectivity honey

IoT Gateways for Manufacturing

We work with different Industrial IoT gateway suppliers to Enable existing shop floor Machinery as Industry 4.0 Compliance. These Gateways are Open Platform and able to communicate with Major PLC Systems in Industry with any Programming Language Support