myPlantics is a big data analytics platform to build machine learning based manufacturing analytics models for the global market. myPlantics developed to build Manufacturing Analytical models for Descriptive, Predictive, Proactive and Preceptive model like Predictive Maintenance, Resource & Material Planning, Process Optimization & etc.…

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The myPlantics Platform

myPlantics enables companies to gain real-time visibility and actionable insights for every part, machine, line, and plant throughout a manufacturing enterprise. Our analytics platform enables manufacturers to use all of their data. We do this with an automated and systematic data intake process that acquires, refines, and contextualizes data, creating a digital twin of each part and process

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Data Collection Nodes

  • PLCs
  • HMI
  • Historians
  • Data base
  • Energy Meters
  • Quality Systems
  • Data Entry Tools
  • MES
  • ERP
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Data Processing

It Manages and optimize the data which result in the intelligent routing, optimization and protection of data and it Translate data , add metadata, and package for API input. Redundant data can be micro-batched and compressed to maximize transmission efficiency to the cloud

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Digital Twin

Create a dynamic mirror of your plants, lines, machines, products, and processes using our purpose-built digital twin, which produces a comprehensive, real time semantic context of process and product data

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Analytics Engine

Analytics platform for real time manufacturing analytics to generate insights and optimize process for better quality control, supply chain, predictive maintenance, Anomaly detection, RCA, SPC and etc.

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Data Visualization

Visualizing insights from Analytics using best Business Intelligence Tools for Decision making with user Intuitive design

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