Poly House Farming Automation and Monitoring System



This project is to provide IoT based Poly House Farming Automation and Monitoring System


It consists of all sensors ( PH, TDS, RTD, Level & etc..) of polyhouse system are connected to Scanner to collect data then it is communicated to PLC system for control of entire system as per the poly house design.

From the PLC via Profinet Communication all data connected to Ewon gateway to read all poly house process parameters to monitor remotely and control the system.By using above mentioned configuration IIoT based remote monitoring enabled to monitor poly house parameter and data sending to cloud and monitoring remotely in PC, Mobile &Tablet. Also enabled SMS alerts configuration in gateway for alerts in case of over and under values of process parameters set values set by the Agri engineer.

Customer Benefits:

  • Monitoring of different climatic parameters i.e., Temperature
  • Monitoring of Soil related parameters
  • Water management through overhead (fogging) and root zone (dripping, flow table) control
  • Fertigation control
  • Climatic parameter monitoring through setting of optimum range of parameters as per crop requirement
  • Crop history data and reporting
  •  Farmer dashboard- to calculate, monitor and manage expenses and profit.


  1. PLC
  2. SCADA
  3. Masibus Scanner

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