Solar plant monitoring system with SCADA



To monitor each string voltage and current in solar power plant


Basically, the energy from the solar cells is in the form of DC and in order to convert that DC energy into AC energy we are using inverter here. The solar plant has 14 number of SMB’s  ( string monitoring box). Each SMB has 24 number of strings and each string will generate some amount of voltage and current based on sun rays.

This generation string voltage is monitored by scada. The total plant capacity of the system is 2MW and we will take the voltage generation report for every one 1 hour with the use of scada.

Alarm will come when the string voltage is less than actual voltage i.e under voltage and over voltage conditions or if any abnormal conditions like trip so that we easily find the string fault

Customer Benfits:

  • Ease of Maintenance.
  • No Man Power Required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to find if any string fault occurs
  • Generation update report for every one hour
  • Alarm will come in abnormal condition


  • SIEMENS Wincc V17 professional

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