Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities, it is the process of moving to a digital business. In business, digitalization most often refers to enabling, improving and/or transforming [...]
In the factory of the future, everything and everyone is connected. Intelligent manufacturing is the answer to a rapidly changing market environment. Products are becoming more individualized, production processes more complex, and batches smaller [...]
IoT (Internet of Things) and CPS (cyber-physical systems) conjugated with ‘data science’ may emerge as the next ‘smart revolution’. The research in data science and artificial intelligence (AI) has been striving to give an answer to this problem. Thus, IoT [...]
Robotics technology influences every aspect of work and home. Robotics has the potential to positively transform lives and work practices, raise efficiency and safety levels and provide enhanced levels of service. Even more, robotics is set to become the driving [...]
Human Resources is undergoing a massive transformation in the wake of “BIG DATA” revolution. For long, human resources have been considered as a reactionary field rather than a strategic one that can lend impetus to the overall business innovation. With [...]
An Internet of Things system consists of sensors that communicate with the cloud. Once the data received by the cloud, the Software processes it and decides to perform an action in taking control of devices that are connected without the [...]